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Magnum Venus Products

Magnum Venus Products Europe Ltd was established in 1988 to serve the needs of the growing composite market.  Our facility is located in the Midlands which gives us easy access to all parts of the United Kingdom.

We provide equipment and materials for the composites industry in the UK and Ireland and many overseas manufacturing facilities.  Our highly trained and experienced technical personnel support the equipment, processes and materials we supply.

Uniquely, we have experience in manufacturing which allows us to provide full technical assistance in all aspects of the production process through a hands on training approach.

We are continually striving to provide our customers with new technology with the support of our major suppliers.

Environmental issues are at the forefront of our new developments. These include the ‘Flex-moulding Process’ for manufacturing parts within a closed mould environment and reducing emissions to almost zero.  Water based release agents to remove solvents from the workplace.  FIT low emission spray equipment reducing spray emissions to a minimum.  We also distribute the Ciemme range of solvent recycling units for the regeneration of solvents helping to save on waste.