Sealer GP™ – This is a high modulus, flexible film with superior substrate adhesion that forms a protective shield on the mould or tool surface. As a conditioner it is designed to treat both chemical and physical bonding sites found on every “raw” mould surface. In addition, it provides the base needed to extend the life of, and provide optimal performance from, the semi-permanent release agent.

Sealproof™ – This is a solvent-free mould sealer that delivers a durable, visible film with superior abrasion resistance. Sealproof™ eliminates the break-in time for new moulds and reduces mould down time by aiding in the extension of the number of releases achieved between cleaning cycles. Sealproof™ has been developed to overcome porosity in mould surfaces such as wood, high-density tooling board, carbon-graphite, steel and all types of composites. .

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