Release Agents

Composite Shield™ – A high performance, semi- permanent release coating, specifically formulated for use with advanced moulding materials (such as polyester, fibreglass, epoxy etc…).

Enviroshield™ – A versatile semi- permanent solvent-free release agent.  We recommend this product for applications requiring superior surface finish with high gloss. Enviroshield™ can be used for releasing epoxies, phenolics, polyester resins, polyamides, polybismaleimides, various rubbers and elastomers.


Flex-Z™ 1.0-6.0 – A range of six products with a common platform, perfect whenever flexibility in mould release levels is an absolute requirement. Complete flexibility in mould release levels delivering predictable release from minimum to maximum slip.

Multishield™ – A high performance, general purpose, semi-permanent release agent. Offering multiple release efficiency with a wide range of moulding compounds.

Watershield™ – High performance, solvent-free polymer release agent, created to give multiple releases while exceeding the most demanding environmental requirements. Watershield can be used on moulds which are exposed to wear or abrasion during the moulding and de-moulding processes.