MVP reciprocator series is designed to automatically produce flat panels or sheets using a chopper gun and/or gelcoat spray gun that traverse a mould or table. Spray-up and rollout are both completely automated and some contoured shapes may be produced when part of the rolling is performed by hand. The quick reverse traveling spray gun require no gun triggering and permit no excess build up at the panel edges. Standard equipment and options include resin pump and dispense equipment, roll out assemblies, mould drives, traveling units and more …


Gelcoat Reciprocator Unit:  The gelcoat gun travels at about 5 feet/second (1.5m/second) across the table and is capable of applying a 15 mil (.38mm) gel coat with a tolerance of +/- .005 inch (.127mm).  A maximum production rate of 5400 square feet/hour (500 square metres/hour) has been attained at 15 mil thickness.  When the digital read-out system is used, accuracy can be monitored during set-up and operation of the machine.  Includes pumping systems, nitrogen charging system, hooded fume collectors with filters and 3/4 HP exhaust fan.

Travelling Units:-

When factory space is at a premium, or when large heavy moulds must be used, the optional traveling reciprocator can be the solution.  The travelling reciprocator is equipment with drive wheels to move the machine over the stationary mould.  Material source of gelcoat, resin and chop glass would all travel along with the moving unit.  This would include space for solvent, gelcoat, resin, catalyst and chop glass.  This assembly would straddle the existing stationary moulds.  Track or guide rails would be placed on each side of the stationary mould.  Traverse speed would be linked to the reciprocator application speeds.  This would allow application of gelcoat or chop lamination directly to the stationary mould below.

Chop / Lamination

The Magnum Venus Reciprocator is designed to automatically produce flat panels or sheets using a gelcoat and/or a chopper gun that traverses or reciprocates over a moving mould or table.  Spray applications and material rollout can both be completely automated.  Most commonly, this machine is used to apply polyester resin and chopped gun roving simultaneously.  The Magnum Venus Reciprocator features a quick gun carriage reversal to recover normal speed of the gun head.  This quick reverse requires no gun triggering, giving little build-up at the edges of the panel for minimum waste and a high production rate.