Patriot Multi Colour Gelcoat System


Easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain with Magnum Venus Product’s renowned durability.

  • Unique Patriot™ pumping system.
  • Catalyst-to-resin variances less than 1%.
  • Lower production costs.
  • Versatile modular components.

Fewer parts, stainless steel where you need it, and a rugged design combine to make this system the operator’s choice.

With a heavy duty stainless steel catalyst pump, this machine allows the operator to adjust the preferred setting with ease – infinite catalyst percentage settings available with a simple adjustment.

The Patriot™ Multi-Color Gelcoat System allows the operator to feed a multitude of fluid sections, up to 6 colors standard and the ability to add additional colours as needed.

Precision and accuracy are the keys to success and the Patriot™ Gelcoat Systems offer a positive displacement pump design that delivers highly accurate ratio control of ±0.1%. This precision is the tool used to correct many of the quality issues, such as porosity, pre-release, post curing, cracking, alligatoring, inconsistent thickness and more that currently face Composites manufacturers.

Both the fluid section and catalyst pump on Patriot™ feature the new “self-healing” seal that has the lowest coefficients of friction available today. This seal does not require packing adjustments and greatly reduces the problems associated with heat build-up and wear.

Patriot™ Systems are built with modular components to create the optimum configuration for your needs and keeps you running. Utilising quick change components extends the system life and allows for little or no down time. The major components change out in 10 minutes or less.

Choose your preference: number of colours and internal or external mix configurations that both deliver versatile and precise gelcoat performance.

Output Capabilities: approximately 1.5 – 7 lbs./min. (.85 – 3.4 kg/min.)
Catalyst percentage: 0.75% to 2.5% by volume
Air Consumption: 18 CFM (510 L/min.)
3.25” Air Motor: 15:1