Patriot 1:1 Duo System


The Patriot™ Duo 1:1 System from Magnum Venus Products has been specifically designed to mix and dispense multiple 1:1 volumetric materials.

Recognizing a need for such a system, MVP specifically designed the Duo 1:1 System to mix and dispense viscous materials through a gravity feed system that eliminates the need for a ram pump.

  • Highly Consistent Delivery of 1:1 Volumetric Materials.
  • Precision Metering.
  • Ideal for Dispensing Silicone Materials.
  • Easy Maintenance.

Several features of this new system are:-

  • 1:1 fixed ratio fluid pumps.
  • Precise Patriot™ metering technology.
  • 15 gallon A + B polyethylene tanks for gravity feeding.
  • Easy maneuverability on cart mount model.
  • Single trigger action to start/stop the spray flow.
  • Easy low cost maintenance on gun.
  • Reduced downtime for standard system maintenance with MVP’s Rapid Access Design.

Pumping Ratio: 15:1
Volumetric Material Ratio: 1:1
Material Displacement (each fluid section): 1.178 in3/stroke (19.30 c.c.)
Air Requirements: 20 CFM
Hose Length: 25 ft. (7.6 m)