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Pro Rider Gelcoat System

PRO RIDER GELCOAT SYSTEM Ideal for small or start-up operations. Quick set-up & easy installation. Low entry level pricing. The Pro Rider

Pro Guns

PRO GUNS The Pro Gun eliminates the needle and seat design, boosts cost savings and reduces emissions. Internal Mix Technology. Low Pressure

Air Trigger Guns – ATC (Chop) / ATG; ITD (Gel) Models

Air Trigger Guns – ATC (Chop) / ATG; ITD (Gel) Models Light Weight Ergonomic Design External Mix MVP’s Air Trigger Guns are made

Duramax Gun

Duramax Gun With this Internal Mix Gun, you can now you can deliver filled resins for high volume applications or standard chopping /

Materials Monitors – PRD M2000

Materials Monitor The M2000 Material Monitor is a proven device to assist in part to part consistency and is operator friendly.  The

PRD Catalyst Alarm

PRD CATALYST ALARM The PRD Company Catalyst sensor is an adjustable flow detection device. The sensor is affected by rate and volume.

Catalyst Alarm Sensor (Cat Sense)

Catalyst Alarm Sensor (Cat Sense) Pneumatically powered. No electric or batteries. Quick and simple to install. The Catalyst Alarm Sensor is a

Material Fluid Heater

MATERIAL FLUID HEATER MATERIAL CONDITIONING DESIGNED FOR HIGH VISCOSITY / HIGH SOLIDS PRODUCTS For efficient, problem free application of particularly highly viscous

Lift Mix Pro

Lift Mix Pro Lifts and lowers agitator out of drum Ergonomic for safety Quick set-up Simple to operate Rugged pneumatic cylinders Reduce

Mixing Equipment

Lift Mix Pro (M-AGD-AL-P) Powered by low CFM shop air, mixes drum materials consistently every time, and is ideal for filled resin

Patriot Innovator Injection Systems

PATRIOT INNOVATOR INJECTION SYSTEMS Highly accurate Patriot™ mix/meter technology. Powered and operated solely through pneumatics. Increased efficiency. Unique control panel. Easy to

Light RTM Accessories and Seals

Click on our product brochure to see our range of Light RTM Accessories and Seals