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Patriot Gelcoat Systems

PATRIOT GELCOAT SYSTEMS Unique Patriot™ Pumping System. Catalyst to resin variances less than 1%. Lower production costs. Versatile modular components. Available in

Ultramax Gelcoat Systems

ULTRAMAX GELCOAT SYSTEMS Innovative UltraMAX™ Pumping System. Modular versatility. Available in Internal & External Mix configurations. Magnum Venus Products’ (MVP) UltraMAX™ FIT®

Patriot Multi Colour Gelcoat System

PATRIOT™ MULTI-COLOR GELCOAT SYSTEM Easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain with Magnum Venus Product’s renowned durability. Unique Patriot™

Ultramax Multicolour Gelcoat System

ULTRAMAX MULTICOLOUR GELCOAT SYSTEM Modular versatility. Rugged components. Multiple configurations. Magnum Venus Products’ (MVP) easy-to-setup, easy-to-operate and easy-to-maintain Multi-Color Gelcoat unit possesses

Mini Pro Gelcoat Systems

The MiniPro Gelcoat system features reliable low pressure gelcoat delivery, easy setup, easy operation and easy maintenance with Magnum Venus Product’s renowned durability.

Pro Rider Gelcoat System

PRO RIDER GELCOAT SYSTEM Ideal for small or start-up operations. Quick set-up & easy installation. Low entry level pricing. The Pro Rider