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3D Printer

While 3D printers have been around for years, the additive manufacturing industry has desperately needed a cost-effective solution that could print structures

Catalyst Alarm … NEW PRODUCT

Eliminate waste, control cost and create higher quality parts. MVP’s Catalyst Alarm will signal if the catalyst pump fails to delivery a

DSC-1000 Digital Stroke Counter … NEW PRODUCT

We are pleased to announce a new addition to our product range … the DSC-1000 Digital Stroke Counter. This Stroke Counter is

Patriot Systems

PATRIOT™ SYSTEMS The Patriot™ Chop/Wetout Systems deliver unprecedented precision, power, versatility and rugged construction for long lasting use. Highly accurate Patriot™ Technology.

Ultramax Pumping Systems

ULTRAMAX™ PUMPING SYSTEMS Available in Internal and External Mix Configurations Rapid Access Design (RAD) for easy access. Low pressure FIT® Technology. Ready

Mini Pro Chop – Wetout Systems

MINI PRO CHOP – WETOUT SYSTEMS Ideal for small or start-up operations. Quick set-up & easy installation. Low entry level pricing. Ideal

Quickshot Systems

QUICKSHOT PAIL DISPENSE SYSTEM Now you can achieve excellent resin & catalyst metering while dramatically lowering material and labour costs normally associated

Patriot Gelcoat Systems

PATRIOT GELCOAT SYSTEMS Unique Patriot™ Pumping System. Catalyst to resin variances less than 1%. Lower production costs. Versatile modular components. Available in

Ultramax Gelcoat Systems

ULTRAMAX GELCOAT SYSTEMS Innovative UltraMAX™ Pumping System. Modular versatility. Available in Internal & External Mix configurations. Magnum Venus Products’ (MVP) UltraMAX™ FIT®

Patriot Multi Colour Gelcoat System

PATRIOT™ MULTI-COLOR GELCOAT SYSTEM Easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain with Magnum Venus Product’s renowned durability. Unique Patriot™

Ultramax Multicolour Gelcoat System

ULTRAMAX MULTICOLOUR GELCOAT SYSTEM Modular versatility. Rugged components. Multiple configurations. Magnum Venus Products’ (MVP) easy-to-setup, easy-to-operate and easy-to-maintain Multi-Color Gelcoat unit possesses

Mini Pro Gelcoat Systems

The MiniPro Gelcoat system features reliable low pressure gelcoat delivery, easy setup, easy operation and easy maintenance with Magnum Venus Product’s renowned durability.