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CHEMLEASE® ONE FS™ EZ Chemlease® One FS™ is a solvent-based semi-permanent release agent for the composites industry which affords easy application in

2164W – Release

CHEMLEASE® 2164W Water-Based Semi-Permanent Release Agent. Chemlease® 2164W is a water-based, semi-permanent release agent for FRP composite moulding. It is designed to

Enviroshield (ZYVAX)

ZYVAX® ENVIROSHIELD™ EnviroShield™ is a versatile semi-permanent solvent-free release agent.  It is recommended for applications requiring superior surface finish with high gloss.

Watershield (ZYVAX)

ZYVAX® WATERSHIELD™ WaterShield™ is a high performance solvent-free polymer release agent that has been created to give multiple releases while exceeding the


CHEMLEASE® R&B EZ Chemlease® R&B EZ is a semi-permanent mould release developed specifically for use in situations where extremely high slip is required.


MAGNAWAX Magnawax is a soft paste consistency making it ideal for use as a Flange and Shower Tray Top Hat Wax.  It can


CHEMLEASE MPP 712 EZ – MOULD PREP PRIMER Chemlease® MPP 712 EZ is formulated for sealing tooling in both the FRP and


CHEMLEASE® SEALER 15 EZ Chemlease® 15 Sealer EZ is developed to condition and seal mould surfaces, reduce mould porosity and act as


ZYVAX® SEALER GP Sealer GP is a high modulus, clear, flexible film with superior substrate adhesion that forms a protective shield on


CHEMLEASE® 41 EZ Chemlease® 41 EZ is a unique semi-permanent mould release system developed specifically for use where a non-cosmetic finish is


CHEMLEASE® 41-90 EZ Chemlease® 41-90 EZ is formulated to provide easy release on parts with low draft angles. Chemlease® 41-90 EZ is


CHEMLEASE® 75 EZ Chemlease® 75 EZ is a unique semi-permanent mould release designed for use in circumstances where pre-release may be a